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Because we are simply the best hospital for piles treatment in punjab. We also employ certified piles specialist, who are trained in providing expert piles treatment services.

Minimal Blood Loss

More effective than any conventional method

Same Day Discharge

The procedure in itself happens within1 day with expert consultation to ensure that you are at your own comfort. Ideally the patients can walk out the sooner than expected.

Suitable for Any Age

The whole process is completely pain free.... The procedure is completed within 2-3 hours time and Suitable for any age.

No stitches, No Cuts

Laser technology ensures that there are no cuts  or scars left behind post the operative process. There are absolutely no stiches involved at all.

Faster Recovery

Post operation healing is the most stressful part of the piles operation. But with our state-of-the-art technology, healing happens very quickly.

Higher Success Rate

Almost all our patients walk out with complete recovery from piles and show signs of a wholesome and peaceful progression post the treatment.

Walk into our 24 hours open clinic

We offer high quality medical and nursing care in a boutique setting which is elegant and cosy.

Monday to Saturday : 8:30am - 1:30pm
4:00pm - 6:30pm
Sunday : closed

Health conditions and treatments

We hire only the most experienced person

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Dr. Sumaksh Bhardwaj

Ano Rectal Surgeon (Gold Medalist)

Dr. Ruvanshi

Gynae and Obs .

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Service Recipient Says

8 months ago
Hello, I am vishakha from Kharar. I suffered from chronic fissure since 2 years which was very troublesome and disastrously painful to me. I consulted few doctors in Mohali and Chandigarh but got no relief. Then I visited Dr Bhardwaj, & they suggested me day care Laser surgery. I underwent laser surgery at Bhardwaj piles hospital two months ago and got discharged same day. Now I am absolutely fine and doing well.
I am very thankful to Doctor Samaksh and their caring staff.

Vishakha Dutt Kharar, Mohali
Client Image

I am satwinder kaur from Morinda, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Somaksh Bhardwaj and Dr. Ruvanshi Bhardwaj for caring my high risk pregnancy and safely delivered my baby with normal delivery. Thank you so much dr. Somaksh bhardwaj and dr. Ruvanshi bhardwaj.

Satwinder kaur Morinda, Roopnagar
Client Image