The mastermind behind Bhardwaj Hospital and spearheading the entire team is its Founder surgeon, Dr Sumaksh Bhardwaj. A visionary, Dr Bhardwaj has been instrumental in the growth of the clinic from a small set up in the heart of city Morinda. What started as a small consulting centre in the heart of Morinda city, today has its wings spread over the entire city with state-of-the-art treatment facilities in Bhardwaj Hospital. Dr Bhardwaj has been a pioneer in this field and has ushered in novel treatments for anorectal diseases. He has ensured that the most advanced treatment techniques from all over the world are made available to his fellow citizens in India.

Dr Bhardwaj started its operation in year 2016, In view of increasing number of patients across the India and to provide utmost care to them, the new unit has established by Dr Sumaksh Bhardwaj and is solely dedicated to Ano rectal diseases.  The Founder Surgeon created state-of-art hospital unit and introduced world class facilities for anorectal diseases. In this unit all ano rectal surgeries are performed with specialized innovative techniques with lesser duration of stay.  The state of art hospital designed to provide advanced surgical treatment through minimal access surgery. It has team of professionally qualified doctors.

We dream to provide the best facilities for piles, Fissure, Fistula and all Anorectal problems. We have credit to bring the new innovative successful surgeries for piles and Fistula.  We feel proud to introduce THE ARCW Technique in North India.

THE ARCW TECHNIQUE -This technique is help to cure sluggish metabolism of intestine. The slow moving intestine with weak peristalsis ( wave-like movement of the intestines that propels the food forward ) cause an increased incidence of constipation, gases, bloating and irregular bowel habits which further lead to develop ano rectal disorders ;this technique shows highly convincible results in these patients.

We are applying Ancient Acharya Sushruta (father of surgery) technique to treat Fistula in ANO and this treatment technique is WHO approved and is having lowest reoccurrence rate in world.


Dr Bhardwaj has sharpened  its travails to To develop  PRECISE ,leading-edge treatment solutions that help Anorectal patients live better lives, quality lives

 “Our Dream of Piles free India”. In addition to Providing Curative Treatment for piles it also provides preventive treatment for Anorectal diseases. We have designed packages according to the diagnosis and the treatment (IRC, Laser, Diode, Doppler, MIFT, VAAFT) are available in the hospital.

Besides basic checkup for general patients, we have all facilities of:-

·         Laboratory

·         Emergency services

·         Dispensary

·         General wards

·         Private rooms(

·         Fully trained, experienced and dedicated male and female staff.



The state-of-the-art infrastructure is offering contemporary and well-furnished, operation theaters, laboratories, methods and medical equipments for the faster diagnosis, healing and recovery of the patients. We aspire to maintain a healthy, clean and sterile ambiance at our hospital for the patients and their family members to breathe the fresh air and feel comfortable at eco-friendly environment.


We are also going to start Laparoscopic surgery for “Hernia”, “Appendix” and “Gall Bladder Stones”, “Prostate”,  uterus etc. soon,


Bhardwaj Hospital is one of the few comprehensive ano rectal care centre offering almost all ano rectal treatments under one roof. From Kashrasutra, Cryo Surgery, IRC, Kashrakarma,
Bhardwaj Hospital is valued for its strong ethical practice laid down from time being and treatment offered with compassion and empathy towards its patients. And this is endorsed by our patients themselves.

Benefits with Bhardwaj Hospital Piles Treatment Centre :

• Pain free techniques without the use of general anesthesia

• No hospital stay

• Short and quick recovery time

• Instantaneous pain relief

• Rapid haemoglobin improvement

With a proven record of possessing modern and sophisticated equipments to deal with piles, BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL is a world class facility available for masses and dedicated to provide high level health care and improved quality of life.



Dr Sumaksh Bhardwaj, lead surgeon and dedicated Proctologist, at Bhardwaj Hospital and a had the privilege of training in CCKS- ANO RECTAL DISORDER award from Prof. Dr. K. R Kohli Director, Directorate of AYUSH Govt of  Maharashtra.